Over 101 Things to do in Paris

What to do in Paris?

101 St Julien-le-Pauvre

Gothic church with a taste for chamber music and religious tunes.

St Julien-le-Pauvre


102 ( - ) Lido - French Cabaret

The Lido is all about eye catching costumes, huge props, music, great effects and attractive people dancing and strutting about whilst you drink champaign and/or eat. The owners of the Lido describe it as a:

Traditional and Gourmet Restaurant

"Lido, the famous French cabaret located in the Champs Elysee in Paris, is the place to go to find a traditional and gourmet restaurant, to see live musical show and dancing spectacle"



103 (23) Monaco

The French have some of the best trains in the world. A brief trip to Monaco is a good excuse to experience one. Purchase a Eurail Pass and travel to Monaco from Paris for a couple of days. The time will race by. The TGV completes the trip in just over six hours but services are limited so plan ahead.

South of France

"Monaco and its surroundings offer marvelous landscapes and sea views unique to the South of France. Enjoy a guided, driven tour to secluded gems or indulge in a helicopter tour for beautiful views of Monaco and the Riviera. Alternatively, rent your own car or embark on the Azur Express for a picturesque tour of all the sites in Monaco". Visit Monaco.com

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104 (26) Hotel de Sens

Time warp back to the middle ages and take a walking tour of the Hotel de Sens, a building that dates back to the ages in the middle.

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105 (48) Bréhat

Escape from Paris. Well we all need a break. Head for Brittany and discover your own little French island (group of islands to be precise). Bréhat is florally rich and is famous for its pink granite rocks. Bréhat is just 10 minutes from Paimpol.



106 (27) French Alps

If the Eiffel Tower wasn't a tall enough experience there's the Alps. Great for skiing the French Alps are like the french women, beautiful and elegant. Travel to the French Alps for a weekend of skiing and come alive.

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107 (100) London

Catch the train and you will soon be in a nearby city with a very different yet similar array of things to do. At least a hundred.

Just visit Londontop100.co.uk

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