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Paris Public Transport

General Travel Information and the Paris 'RATP'

Unsurprisingly, Paris does not like cars. If you do decide to drive in Paris be prepared for extensive delays and overly expensive parking. If you manage to do better than that then you should be happy. Paris has a great public transport network, with a fast underground network that stretches well into the suburbs, so why not use it.

Paris Métro (subway/tube) System, Trains and Buses

RAPT operates the métro subway/tube system, trains and buses. There are also plenty of taxis however, taxis in France are normal looking cars with a taxi sign on top. So if you see a black or yellow cab, hail it, he or she might be seriously lost..

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Paris Public Transport Visitor Passes and Tickets

The Paris public transport ticketing is well integrated and you can buy a number of different ticketing options across a range of transportation services. The big exception is the RER Trains.

1, 2, 3 or 5 Day Paris Visitor Passes

If you are likely to use a lot of public transport, you should consider buying a visitor pass. You can get 1, 2, 3 or 5 day passes. They cover all types of official public transport in the main locations you might want to go to. You get to choose how far you want to go and pay accordingly.

Paris Visitor Pass

Paris Metro Map

"The Métro''

The Paris Métro System is modern and usually fast and efficient. It has to be as the Paris Metro is the second busiest in Europe. If you want busier go to Moscow. You could visit all 300 odd Paris Métro stations within a day or two but there are probably better ways to spend your time in Paris. If you did though, you might notice how similar the Art Nouveau architecture looks as you traveled about and then you might think, I've seen this before, and then you might get off the train.

Les Halles

You would have probably visited Les Halles before you got off the train as, with 5 Métro lines and three RER commuter rail lines, Les Halles is the world's largest underground station.

Metro Map

Similarly to most cities, the Metro Lines are identified on maps by number and colour, they are not drawn to scale but to assist you get from A to B. The direction the trains go is indicated by the destination terminus.

Metro Map

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