Top 45 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

41 (15) The Musée Grévin

The Musée GrévinLike Madame Tussauds in London, the Musée Grévin waxes over scenes of historical importance. You can be there to witness the first step on the moon or the fall of the Berlin Wall but perhaps the most impressive are the realistic scenes from the dramatic 1789 French revolution.

Louis XIV

Over 300 wax figures of the world’s most famous people compete for your attention including Louis XIV, Gandhi, Albert Einstein to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and most importantly, Spiderman. This is another attraction covered by the Paris Pass.

More Musée Grévin


42 (28) Paris Sewers (La Stench :))

Get down to the nasty and the smelly. This is pretty (if I can use that word) off beat. Why would you? Why not? Sewers underpin our civilization and this is your chance to see how, if not why.

Open mind and closed nose

Obviously if you like the clean and sterile this isn't for you but if you have an open mind, closed nose and like to do something a little different then come on down. Gift shop for some interesting presents (now you are interested!) and the sewers are covered by the Museum Pass. Worth a sniff.

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43 Musée Bourdelle

The Musée Bourdelle is set in the home of The French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle who past away in 1929. The museum includes ‘Hercules the Archer’ and Bourdelle’s 21 studies of Beethoven. The garden is wonderful place to be with many engaging sculptures (and probably an artist or two) to admire and enjoy.

Musée Bourdelle


44 Gallery of Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy

Nightmare in Paris. Galeries Monster’s include bird’s of menace and nasty bugs with intent to intimidate and make you clutch involuntarily at any soft flesh that comes to hand (beware boyfriend) . The emphasis is on ‘comparative’ anatomy with specimens separated by millions of years of evolution presented in close proximity. The mammoth and blue whale are great chums.

The Galeries


45 (63) Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf Paris

Pont Neuf or new Bridge isn't particularly new anymore. In fact it is the the oldest bridge in Paris. The Pont Neuf competes with Pont Alexandre III for the beautiful Paris bridge competition.

King Henry IV

Pont Neuf was opened and named by King Henry IV in 1607. An equestrian bronze statue of the Henry was erected at the center of the bridge after his death. The statue was melted down during the French Revolution but it was replaced by an exact replica in 1818.

Pont Neuf

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