Top 20 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

16 The Big Pantheon

Pantheon ParisThe Pantheon is bigger than it's Greek cousin

The Panthéon architecture and artwork alone make the visit an almost must. Contained within the Pantheon are the tombs of many famous ex-French including Marie Curie and Victor Hugo.

Jardin du luxembourg

You can also gain an excellent view over Paris from the colonnade around the building's dome. You are only allowed up with a guide but the tour is free. For the best photos of the Panthéon approach from the Jardin du luxembourg through the rue Soufflot. Although the Pantheon is not as old as the Panthéon in Rome it does boast an interesting history and besides...its bigger!

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17 (10) La Grande Arche de La Defense

La Grande Arche de La Defense ParisLa Grande Arche a hollow experience?

With a slight resemblance to an old, large hollow television the Le Grande Arche is a fine modern building within the interesting and newly redeveloped district of Paris, La Defense. The building could be seen as a testament to the power of television to attract such large crowds even though there is clearly nothing on.

Views to the Arc de Triomphe

The top of the Arche provides extensive views all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. This alone makes The Grande Arche worth the trip there for the trip up. But the view is fascinating as opposed to spectacular.

Cultural Exhibitions

There is often a variety of cultural exhibitions and events, which take place within the Arche. A fine restaurant, brasserie, and gift shop can also be found at this interesting attraction.

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18 (59) La Madeleine

La Madeleine ParisGreek looking La Madeleine of Paris

La Madeleine looks immense with its 52 Corinthian columns surrounding the temple church. The twenty meter high columns give this neoclassical church the appearance of a Greek temple. The columns at the front are worth close inspection as they are crowned with a sculpted frieze. Also study the the bronze doors as you enter the church as they contain representations of the Ten Commandments.

Mary Madeleine

Inside La Madeleine you'll discover a large statue that depicts the ascension of Mary Madeleine (you should find it behind the altar). The Madeleine Church is located at the Place de la Madeleine. La Madeleine church is dedicated to St. Mary Madeleine (Magdalene).

La Madeleine


19 St-Eustache

St-Eustache ParisSt-Eustache, only Notre-Dame is bigger [in Paris]

St-Eustache is a Huge Gothic church only second in size to Notre-Dame. It's most impressive features are its large, imposing pillars that appear to reach up into the heavens themselves. The church took more than a life-time to build. None of the its original architects witnessed its completion. You can, and should, even though St-Eustache is slightly off the beaten track.

Rue Montmartre

Also check out nearby Rue Montmartre for a bite to eat or drink.

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20 The Popular Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Pompidou is modern of art, cinema and welcoming of children. The centre's main attraction is the Musee National dÁrt Moderne. Modern is from 1905 (1904 not a good year for modern art) until yesterday week. You get your Fauvism, Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Expressionism and of course, 'Ismism' (just a 'joke-ism'). Centre Pompidou is dedicated to creative creations whether it be literature, theater, film or music. The Centre Pompidou is naturally creatively designed, thoughtfully administered and wonderfully popular. If you are cool you Pompidou.

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A Paris Pass will give you free entry into many of the top attractions in Paris. The pass includes The Grande Arche and the The Pantheon, two of the top things to do listed above. It also provides many other benefits such as saving you time and hassle, as well as Euros.

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