Top 40 things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

36 Palais Royal

Palais Royal ParisPalais Royal or Royal Palace

For many the Palais Royal defines what a Palace should look like. The Palace's current function of Council of State and other government offices almost appears contemptuous of the Palace's former significance and history.

King Louis XIII

Built in 1629 The Palais Royal was handed over to King Louis XIII by his loyal subjects. The Palais Royal was attacked during the French revolution of 1848 and partially destroyed by fire in 1871. The building was restored in 1876 and handed over to the government.

Striped Poles

Unfortunately the official rooms and offices are not open to the public. Thankfully the enclosed courtyards are. The courtyard's contain the infamous “striped poles”, some nice fountains and delightful classical gardens. Close to the gardens you'll find an interesting gallery with some very upmarket high budget shops. Keep your credit card under wraps and window shop.

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37 (54) Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Parc des Buttes ChaumontTemple of Sybil - Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is a highlight as it lives on a rocky hill with views of Sacre Coeur. The park is judged by some to be Europe's most romantic public park. Built out of a disused quarry it is a wonderful example of how to create beauty out of the nothing.

Temple of Sybil

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is the third largest park in Paris. 5 kilometers of trails and paths lead you through some lovely and stunning landscaping. Look forward to high cliffs, great trees, water that falls off a 32 meter cliff (105 ft) into the circular lake. Enjoy the iron bridge which springs from a cliff face to the pinnacle crowned by the Temple of Sybil.

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38 Walking through Marais

A stroll through Marais is a journey past the most beautiful historic monuments in Paris. You might even say that Marais is one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Marais enjoys a certain prestige and reputation. Many of Paris' top attractions reside in its streets. From Place des Vosges to the Marché des Enfants Rouges, from Carnavalet Museum to the Carreau du Temple. In Marais you may discover both the quiet and peace of village life and the dynamism of Paris and its culture.

Shopping in Marais

Shopping can be a delight as Marais has retained some of its original shops. Marais has also retained some quaint original customs. Don't assume all the shops will be open over the weekend.

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39 (45) Viaduc des Arts

Viaduc des Arts ParisA modern success story - the Viaduc des Arts

The Viaduc used to be an abandoned, crumbling, decaying 19th-century railroad viaduct. Now it is a thriving 21st-century combination of shops and parkland. Even on the coldest days the shops and the Promenade were alive with people. The shops are tucked into the handsome orange-red brick arches that are reminiscent of the famous Place des Vosges located close by. The shops sell mostly antiques, art and craft some of which is made on the premises.

The Viaduc Walk

The park is a strip of green that follows the old train bed on top of the arches. Commerce beneath - the peace of greenery above. The landscaping is simply amazing and endlessly varied. One stage feels like natural marshland the next you are into a formal garden. The park includes playing fields on its route as well as strolling parkland. At times it narrows significantly with large trees shielding you from daylight. Other times courtyards appear where wine sipping Parisians watch their kids playing football. Take your time and you will discover curiosities such as the cave hideaway. Take more time and you will start to sense that the Park has a power of its own as it seemingly splits a building in two for standing in its way. The the walk along the Viaduc is no ordinary walk in the park. Its is something you are likely to remember for a long time.

Viaduc des Arts


40 Musee Carnavalet, Marais

Musee Carnavalet gives you reconstituted palace rooms and paintings of, well, Paris. If you are falling in love with Paris you may find it hard to stay away. The Carnavalet Museum is devoted to Paris. It tells the Paris story through all manner of mediums from paintings and sculptures to furniture and other ordinary objects of the times. Paris has had a troubled past and Musee Carnavalet goes back to the beginning to tell you all about its fascinating history. Be prepared to spend a few hours here.

Musee Carnavalet, Marais

Top 45 Things To Do In Paris

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