Over 101 Top Things to do in Paris

What to do in Paris?

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101 St Julien-le-Pauvre

St Julien-le-Pauvre


102 Lido

60 years after its creation, the Lido and its revue remain unrivalled symbols of Paris by night, a place for enchantment and beauty. Wiki on revue "primary attraction was found in the frank display of the female body". The Lido Cabaret is located at the exit of the George V metro station, in the Normandie building.



103 (62) Monaco

Monaco Link - two day trip-able from Paris


104 (26) Hotel de Sens

Historic Hotel de Sens


105 (48) Bréhat

Bréhat's warmish weather is derived from the Gulf Stream and encourages a greenery more akin to the mediterranean. The daily ferry service gives you the chance to explore the Paon & Rosedo lighthouses, the St-Michel chapel, the Guerzido beach, the Birlot water-mill and the Verrerie of Bréhat.



106 (27) French Alps

Alps Link - French side


107 (100) London

London is only a few hours away by train, less if you fly.

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