Top 30 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

26 The Château de Chantilly and Conde Museum

Château de Chantilly and Conde Museum ParisChâteau de Chantilly and Conde Museum - Over 1,000 historic paintings

Outside of the Louvre Museum, The Château de Chantilly boasts the largest collection of French paintings pre-1850. There are over 1,000 paintings to admire along with 2,500 drawings, 2,500 engravings and 30,000 books including 12,000 old prints and 1500 manuscripts. The works in the museum include those of Raphael and many other old masters.

Extraordinary Decadence

As well as that the Château de Chantilly and Conde Museum stand in the centre of a vast estate surrounded by fantastic gardens. The gardens are perfectly preserved remnants of extraordinary decadence of the times. There are canals and waterfalls, fountains and water jets, lush flower borders, English and Chinese style gardens, dozens of statues and sculptures. You could easily spend the day here. The Château de Chantilly is less than one hours drive from Paris and entry is free with a Paris Pass.

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27 (15) Moulin Rouge

Can the Can-Can can still cram people in? You bet. You will be squeezed in watching wonderful, timeless dancing in fantastic costumes. There are probably cheaper ways to see a Can-Can but this is the Moulin Rouge. Look for special deals and consider booking on-line. And are they miming? Who cares. Just enjoy the spectacle.

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28 (42) Paris Opera or Opéra de Palais Garnier

Paris Opera or Opéra de Paris GarnierOne of the largest theatres in world - Paris Opera

The thirteenth century Paris Opera (Opéra de Palais Garnier) is one of the largest theatres in world in terms of its size. Rose marble columns catch the eye outside but you have not seen anything yet. Come inside and climb the grand opulent coloured marble staircase. See the mosaic covered ceiling with its numerous chandeliers.


Seek a peek at the lavishly decorated auditorium with red velvet, plaster cherubs and gold leaf below its green copper ceiling painted by Chagall. The overall effect of the building is one of stunning extravagance and 18th century decadence. All this is yours for the looking at no cost with a Paris Pass

Paris Opera (Opéra de Paris Garnier)


29 (106) Paris Story

Paris StoryA town called Paris

The Paris Story is a unique and impressive new museum which has been carefully designed to take you on a special journey through Paris's fascinating past. Your journey begins with prehistoric settlement and continues on to the Middle Ages, through the renaissance, revolutions, restoration, wars, and upheavals.

The Paris Experience and Miniature Paris

The Paris Experience and Miniature Paris allows you to experience the city without wearing down the shoe leather . Miniature Paris gives an aerial view of the city on a 3-D model without the need for 3-D glasses. Each Paris attraction is easy to identify. You can also watch a number of informative short movies about Paris. A Paris Pass will get you in for free.

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30 (41) Place des Vosges, Marais

Place-des-Vosges,-Marais-ParisPlace des Vosges - a wonderful example of early 17th century architecture

Place des Vosges is a pure, unique and wonderful example of early 17th century architecture. If you have been to Paris and you didn't visit Place des Vosges then you didn't see Paris. The must visit Place des Vosges’s elegance and French-ness hits you like a warm kiss on a cold day. Amazingly you can still find King Louis XIII name on the splendid fountains that adorn the impressive square.

Victor Hugo

The two major houses of the The Place des Vosges the Queen Pavilion and the King Pavilion are sadly not open to visitors. But you can visit the home of Victor Hugo, the famous author of “Les Miserables” free of charge from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except on Mondays, when it is closed.

Place des Vosges, Marais

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