Top 70 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

61 (22) Disneyland Paris

Mouse town Disneyland in Paris is just like the Disney theme parks in the States with a dash of french finesse. Some of the detail and finishing touches in theme parks is very impressive and adds to the experience.

Disneyland Park

The Disneyland Paris branch is divided into three distinct regions. Disneyland Park which has a variety of challenging and not so scary rides. Walt Disney Studios Park which is all about the technology, fantasy and wonder of cartoon film-making with a few rides thrown in. Disney Village, as the name implies, contains the complex's resort hotels and restaurants.

Europe's leading tourist destination

Children love Disneyland Paris. Over 15 million mums, dads, kids and even some singles visit Disneyland Paris every year making it one of Europe's leading tourist destinations. Being a mere 32ks from the centre of Paris, Disneyland is very day trip-able.

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62 (30) France Miniature (Little France)

Get an overview. See all of France extremely quickly. A CEO approach to travel. At 1/30th the original size here’s a real chance to ‘take-it-all-in’. Some might say less impressive, perhaps not as solid or inspiring but they may have fallen into the trap of being sizeist. Small is beautiful. Petite is cute. Size isn't everything.

Miniature French Alps

Little France includes the French Alps, Versailles and Roman aqueducts and Mont St. Michel on an island (little of course).

Eiffel Tower - 25 feet tall

Of the 116 miniature sites the Eiffel Tower stands out at about 25 ft high. Model trains, boats, miniature trees and landscaping add to the small celebration of France. Bring some little people with you if you have any.

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63 (78) The Château de Rambouillet

The Château de RambouilletWhat a picture - The Château de Rambouillet

The exquisite looking Château de Rambouillet is where French Presidents go for a holiday.


The Chateau does not appeal to everyone. Louis XVI gave the Chateau as a gift to the Marie-Antoinette. She hated it. She said 'Am I Queen or Milkmaid!'. The King did what any King would do. He built her the famous Dairy (La Laiterie), where the buckets were made from porcelain, painted and grained to imitate wood.

Queen's Dairy

While you are there admiring the Queen's Dairy make sure you take a stroll by the canals, fountains and ornamental lakes in the splendid grounds of the Château de Rambouillet. This is a spectacular château which should not be missed on your Paris Pass sightseeing tour.

The Château de Rambouillet


64 Arc du Carrousel

The relatively small 19m (63 ft) high treble archway Arc du Carrousel is belittled by fellow Triumphal Way arches Grande Arche de la Défense and the Arc de Triomphe between the Louvre and La Défense.

Arc du Carrousel


65 Jardin des Plantes

This popular botanical garden containing the Natural History Museum covers a total of 28 hectares (about 69 acres) on the Left Bank of the River Seine in the 5th arrondissement. The Jardin des Plantes hothouses are home to a variety of Mexico and Australia plants. You can also look to an Alpine garden, a charming rose garden, and an Art Deco-style wintergarden.

Jardin des Plantes


66 Place de la Concorde

The octagonal Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris. It is situated between the Tuileries and the Champs-Elysées. Over a thousand bodies lost their heads during the height of the French Revolution under its old name 'Place de la Révolution'. The 3000 year old, 75 foot Obelisk at the centre of the square is from the temple of Ramses II.

Place de la Concorde


67 (105) National Museum of the Renaissance

National Museum of the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of time when art and new ideas were held in the highest regard and importance. The world was changing.

French Renaissance

The Renaissance museum contains examples of decorative painting from the French Renaissance, of Germanic goldsmithery and of sculptures, in particular by Jacques Goujon and German Rammer. The Musée National de la Renaissance owes most of its fame to the tapestries entitled “David and Bethsabée”, widely considered as masterpieces. A Paris Pass will get you in for free

National Museum of the Renaissance


68 Forum des Halles

A combination park, underground mall, and huge subway station, the Forum des Halles sits on land that for centuries was home to Paris’ central marketplace. There are plans to further revamp the Forum des Halles and rename it 'Carreau des Halles'.

Forum des Halles


69 (37) Place Vendome

Place Vendôme is a square in all but shape. The rectangular Place Vendôme has the appearance of an octagon. The 17th century buildings surrounding the Square contain some of the most expensive hotels and shops in Paris. Visit Place Vendome's famous jewelers "les Diamantaires" at your own risk. Many a credit card has been maxed out in this part of town.


Napoleon stands on top of the bronze column in the middle of the square. The cannons belong to Austria and Russia. They were taken by Napoleon's Army in 1250. So far they haven't asked for them back.

Place Vendome


70 Musee National du Moyen Age

Apart from its fabulous history the Hôtel de Cluny has substantial leftovers form the Gallo-Roman baths, Thermes de Cluny and impressive art collections. The building itself is worth a picture or few. Try the nearby park for a more leafy prospective.

Musee National du Moyen Age

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