Top 100 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

91 (99) Musee Cognacq-Jay

Musee Cognacq-Jay's 18th century art collection of french furniture and paintings is worth a hour or two.

Musee Cognacq-Jay


92 Musee Cernuschi

The Musee Cernuschi exists thanks to philanthropist Henri Cernuschi (1820-1896). If you are 'in to' Japanese and Chinese art this is great chance to get your fill without having to forego your french wine, cheese and pastries. Said to be the most important collection ancient Chinese art in Europe.

Musee Cernuschi


93 Cafe Cafe

You should stop at a french cafe at least twice. Preferably with someone who likes to talk. If you are on your own, look like you want to talk, have your phrase book to hand and you never know.

Cafe Voltaire

Cafe Voltaire (1 place de l'Odeon) - where the philosopher of the same name, Voltaire not Cafe, discussed the weather with fellow philosopher Diderot. Ernest Hemingway was also a customer.

Cafe Cafe


94 Memorial de la Deportation

The Memorial de la Deportation remembers the hundreds of thousands of french citizens who died in German concentration camps in horrific conditions during the second world war.

Memorial de la Deportation


95 Jump like a goat

Paris boasts a small vineyard. The reputation of the Clos de Montmartre is such that the wine is said to "make you jump like a goat". Clearly gift material.

Jump like a goat


96 La Pagode

You'll find modern flicks, a french mix in a Japanese feel all in the La Pagode in rue de Babylone. La Pagode honours Japanese architecture without crossing the tacky divide.

The Japanese Gardens

The Japanese gardens complete with tea rooms surround the building and stimulate the intellectual debate:.

La Pagode


97 Eat Chocolate

As any addict will tell you, arrrr....mmmm.. Words can't really express a true chocolate moment. The Swiss, they say, have the best chocolate, but in Paris, it is an art. Sold at chocolatiers all over Paris, the presentation, selection and purchasing all add to final explosion of taste.

Eat Chocolate


98 Eat (Slow Food)

For many of us eating is an enjoyable experience. In Paris it is more. This is more a lifestyle. The norm remains that good food is to be consumed slowly in good company with a bottle of wine.



99 Musee d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaisme

Jewish history, museum of.

Musee d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaisme


100 Rue Mouffetard

Being one of the oldest parts of Paris Rue Mouffetard feels like a very awake village in a big city. Rue Mouffetard main attraction is its regular open market with its street stalls and their vendors.

Rue Mouffetard

Top 110 Things To Do In Paris

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