Top 25 Things to do in Paris, France

What to do in Paris?

21 (60) Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum ParisAnd you should see what it is like inside! The Rodin Eye Candy Store

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) was of the world’s greatest artists. The Rodin Museum pays tribute to him as one of the fathers of modern sculpture but Rodin's highly realistic work goes beyond that. The museum contains a staggering number of marble, bronze, plaster, wax, and terra cotta sculptures, ceramics, paintings, drawings, and works by other artists (Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh) from his personal collection.

Gates of Hell

The museum, situated in Hôtel Biron, is a lovely museum, beautiful and constantly surprising. The sculpture is spread pleasantly through the museum and garden so that visitors can explore the hotel whilst discovering great works such as The Thinker (which sits upon a pedestal watching over the garden), the Gates of Hell and the “The Kiss”. Entry is free with a Paris Pass.

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22 (23) Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie

Cité des Sciences  ParisCité des Sciences et de l'Industrie = Big Fun

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie is the biggest science museum in Europe. This fun, hands-on museum has cool exhibits on anatomy and biology. The Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie is housed in an impressive glass and steel building containing a planetarium, an IMAX theater and special departments for children and teenagers.

Explora Exhibitions

At the heart of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie are the impressive Explora exhibitions. The exhibitions contain an array of hands-on, interactive exhibits of science and technology. Entry is free with a Paris Pass.

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23 (12) Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre IIIThe Pretty Pont Alexandre

As you can tell from the above the Pont Alexandre III is a photographers delight. It is widely regarded as the prettiest bridge in Paris. The bridge is well endowed with beautiful lampposts, sculptures of cherubs and nymphs and four magnificent golden rearing horses on both ends of the bridge.

Tsar Alexander III

Pont Alexandre III may appear strangely familiar as it has starred in a number of movies over the years. It was built as a symbol of Russian-French friendship and was named after Tsar Alexander III. Pont Alexandre III has to be seen in day and moonlight. Bring a friend for maximum effect and please don't forget your camera.

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24 (22) Grand Palais

Paris Grand Palais (Big Palace)Grand Palais - largest ironwork and glass structure in the world

Close to the Pont Alexandre III is the Grand Palais. Well known for its enormous spectacular glass domed roof the Grand Palais (Big Palace) is the largest existing ironwork and glass structure in the world. Grand Palais took the title from London’s Crystal Palace, which was lost in a fire.

Universal Exhibition

The Grand Palais is a beautiful combination of a classicist stone facade, art-nouveau ironwork and glass. It was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900 and continues to function in that capacity offering Parisians and visitors a planetarium, interactive exhibitions and events.

Georges Recipon’s Galloping Horses

The Grand Palais took over ten years to renovate after one of the glass ceiling collapsed in 1993. Renovations included some of the Grand Palais’ artwork including Georges Recipon’s galloping horse sculptures. The mosaics were also repaired and restored. Judge for yourself if the wait was worth it.

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25 (56) Petit Palais

Petit Palais ParisSmall Palace

A small distance from the Grand Palais is the Petit Palais (Small Palace). Its main attraction is its fine Museum of Fine Arts, indeed, 'Mini Louvre' to some. In a small way, Petit Palais has much to admire in terms of its historic artwork and doesn’t suffer from crowds and hassle of the Louvre.

Monet and Renoir

The building itself is abit of an eye catcher with its ionic columns, grand porch and Invalides style dome. However, the real people magnets are contained within its impressive frame. In particular, the French paintings by Monet and Renoir.

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