Top 25 Things to do in Paris

What to do in Paris?

Once we get past the top 20 things to do in Paris, things start to get more interesting, and a little less obvious. I mean, the Eiffel Tower, the top thing to do in Paris? It's pretty easy to get that one right, but beyond the top 20, most people start scratching their heads.

The top 21 to 25 things to do in Paris

The top 21 to 25 things to do in Paris are the Rodin Museum, Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie, Pont Alexandre III, Grand Palais, Petit Palais. The links below should give you more detailed information on these great attractions. So if you are interested in visiting any of them we recommend you leave us for little while, so long as you come back - so please save us as a favourite.

21 (60) Rodin Museum

Open every day except Mondays.

Rodin Museum


22 Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie

The museum covers the big topics such as the 'Universe', which considers space and light. It also houses the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie planetarium which explores the galaxies of the universe.

La Link - Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie


23 (12) Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III is a photographers delight. Pont Alexandre III must be one of the prettiest bridges in Paris.

Pont Alexandre III Link


24 (61) Grand Palais

Grand Palais is a public exhibition hall. The main gallery is home to contemporary art. Other exhibits range from antique cars to fashion. With its police station tucked away in the basement the Grand Glass Palais is probably the safest palace in Paris. Grand Palais attributes include its acclaimed science museum.

Grand Palais


25 (56) Petit Palais

Guided tours are available of Petit Palais but are not necessarily necessary. Some tours include activities for kids. The permanent collection is free but you can’t take any home except as a gift through the gift shop. Expect a fee for any temporary exhibits. There is a Petit Palais café if required but look outside for refreshment if you can manage the wait.

Petit Palais

Top 30 Things To Do In Paris