Top 20 Things to do in Paris

What to do in Paris?

This is a page to somewhere else, we accept that we don't know everything about the top 100 things to do in Paris, and so below you will find links to other websites that can tell you even more about the Pantheon, La Grande Arche de La Defense, La Madeleine, St-Eustache and Centre Pompidou. Please let us know if the links help, or not, as the case maybe!

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16 Pantheon

The Pantheon contains the tombs of the famous ex-French including Marie Curie and Victor Hugo. The architecture and artwork make the visit an almost must.

Pantheon Link


17 (10) La Grande Arche de La Defense

Is an Arche lessor to an Arc I say Non! La Grande Arche de La Defense is very different to its Arc rivals. Paris is huge. If you don't already live in a mega city you should see it. If you do, reflect and compare. Maybe you'll feel you are still in Paris when you return home or maybe part of you just never leaves.

Link Grande Arche de La Defense


18 (59) La Madeleine

La Madeleine is blessed with its own metro station, still holds mass and the occasional high class wedding. La Madeleine is an ex-greek temple. You will find it just north of the Palace da la Concorde and is known as 'La Madeleine' or 'L'église de St-Marie-Madeleine'.

La Madeleine


19 St-Eustache

Huge Gothic church with imposing pillars reaching up to the ceiling.

St-Eustache atmospheric link


20 Centre Pompidou

Modern art, cinema and welcoming of children.

Centre Pompidou links to the people

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