Top 100 Things to do in Paris France

What to do in Paris?

What to do and see in Paris?

What to do and see whilst you are in Paris? It might seem like a silly question but Paris is a city with an awful lot to offer. Beautiful buildings, world class museums, the food, the sights, the fashion, the romance, the Paris-ness of it all! How do you choose? It is virtually impossible to do it all.

Top Things To See

This is where the list of the top 100 (plus) things to do comes in handy. Please follow the menu below. Each page is also linked to the next. It might also be a good idea to bookmark or save as a favourite before you click on anything in case you lose us.

Eiffel Tower ParisParis - Feels like I belong here..

Paris is a strange place in sense of its familiarity. An hour will scarcely go by without you thinking, where have I seen that before? The fact is you probably have, in movies, magazines and on the television. Paris would probably be in danger of over exposure if there weren't so much to do and see. If this is your first visit to Paris, you may end up feeling slightly overwhelmed. You cannot do everything in one visit unless you are staying for a very, very long time. So try to narrow down the kind of things you would most like to see and do.

Cruise down the Seine?

Our suggestion is you just work your way through the list and pick out the things that most appeal to you. This could be as simple as focusing on the attractions highest up the list or perhaps limit yourself to (say) three museums, two mansions, one bridge etc. It has to be about what you want most from France's enchanting capital. Grand vistas? The café scene? A cruise down the Seine? Maybe a saucy nightclub revue? Paris has all this and much more.

The City with an abundance of historical sites

Paris, and the areas around it, are thought to contain almost 4,000 historical monuments. The number of tourists said to have visited all of these monuments is estimated to be zero. There are just too many, and it is next to impossible to see them all.

The City most visited

42 million people visit Paris each year making Paris the worlds most visited city. Two million people’s income depends upon these visitors. Rich in history, culture, architecture and romance. Paris is a city like no other.

See a Quarter of France

Paris is also rich in other ways. Paris and the Paris Region, make up a quarter of the gross domestic product of France. Much of this wealth is generated by tourism, which helps to make Paris the second biggest city economy in Europe and the sixth largest in the world.

What to See?

More what not to see. There is just so much. Maybe too much. Use this web site of top things to do to give yourself a chance to see all of the best attractions and engage in the most rewarding things to do. Give yourself a workable list of the top attractions and activities to enable you to get the most from your time in Paris.